Day 4 – Change of Plans

August 29th, 2018 – We were supposed to have the day off from building in order to play roller hockey. The weather though was kind enough to wash away those plans. While the wet pavement prevented us from playing hockey this evening it was not a total washout. We returned to the park and decidedRead More

Day 3 – Another hot one

August 28th, 2018 – The weather was any thing but pleasant with temperatures reaching into the 90’s and the hot August air better known as the dog days of summer present. Little work was done this day given the temperatures. We went in search of a cool refreshing drink only to remember that we hadRead More

Construction Day 2 – Vertical

August 28th, 2018 – Construction has gone vertical! The foundation has been laid and vertical construction has begun. The first seven supports have gone into the ground. A crowd of enthusiasts have started to form and we must remind everyone for safety to stay behind the construction wall. We would like to address many rumorsRead More

Construction Day – 1

August 26th, 2018: Construction began on our new roller coaster. There were many quotes from our team members surrounding the number of pieces in this build. Unfortunately none of the quotes were usable except for the last quote which was stated by our project manager “I can’t wait to ride this!”. We have included picturesRead More

Remote Working – Background

This post is the 1st in a series of posts around remote working.  The entire series can be viewed here. How did I become a remote worker? In July 2015, I ended up switching jobs and going to work for an education technology company based out of California supporting their software on a national scale. Read More

Congratulations, You are a remote worker!

In one of the first posts on this site, I stated that I wasn’t sure the direction of the site or the identity of the site.  I have another site ( that has a fair amount of content but that content has all been focused on the education realm.  As such I have kept personal postsRead More

New for 2018 (maybe 2019) – Monkey Coaster

Columbus, OH – As the dog days of summer rapidly approach Ohio followed closely by a brief exposure to Fall, MonkeyExpo announces plans for the 2019 season. MonkeyExpo is excited to announce the addition of Monkey Coaster to the family. Monkey Coaster (name could always change) will be situated upon a plot of land currentlyRead More

Problem Solving and Routine

We have a set of tasks that we follow for the most part each and every day.  These sets of tasks eventually become what we define as a routine on a given day.  A routine can be thought of as a program or video game where we have to complete a certain series of activitiesRead More

Hello World!

What is MonkeyExpo?  That is a very good question.  A good question that resulted in coming up with the domain and then taking a few additional days attempting to answer the question.  MonkeyExpo is a collection of random thoughts about various topics.  The thoughts will likely be technology focused but hopefully, tie into other areasRead More