Problem Solving and Routine

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We have a set of tasks that we follow for the most part each and every day.  These sets of tasks eventually become what we define as a routine on a given day.  A routine can be thought of as a program or video game where we have to complete a certain series of activities that allow us to move towards the next task within the program.  If we thought of these routines as a video game the completion of certain tasks would allow us to move into the next world or level.  The question that we use to approach and guide us in moving into that next set of tasks, world, or level can be broken into a few pieces that we process.

  1. What is the problem we are attempting to solve?
  2. What are the limitations presented to us?
  3. What is our time frame for resolving the problem?
  4. What are the tools at our disposal?

When we are presented with an issue such as a support ticket requesting support, we find ourselves asking these questions each and every time we approach that routine.  An approach I take in my job which revolves around support tickets is asking these questions here but also highlighting the important information within a ticket or phone call.  As you become more familiar with the routine you read the ticket looking for keywords, listen for keywords or if appropriate ask clarifying questions.  The completion of tickets allows for movement to a new level (more tickets or different tickets) and eventually at the end of the day a new level.

When I started asking these four questions within my job I eventually found that asking these same questions or a variation of questions when presented with a problem in life the answers can guide you into that next level or task within life.


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