New for 2018 (maybe 2019) – Monkey Coaster

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Columbus, OH – As the dog days of summer rapidly approach Ohio followed closely by a brief exposure to Fall, MonkeyExpo announces plans for the 2019 season. MonkeyExpo is excited to announce the addition of Monkey Coaster to the family.

Monkey Coaster (name could always change) will be situated upon a plot of land currently not occupied. Monkey Coaster is designed by the world renown coaster manufacturer LE-GO. LE-GO is known for smaller scale designs but this will be the first venture into larger scale designs.

Monkey Coaster will be 20 inches in height and feature 2 trains with 3 cars each with low friction wheels. Seven different elements will greet riders as they venture up the lift hill to experience the craziness of MonkeyExpo. The coaster will feature LEGO BOOST with an added movement sensor and realistic sound effects.

“Monkey Coaster is an example of our commitment to our community and will draw a niche crowd of enthusiasts” states park president and CEO Mr. N.K. Plate. Plate goes on to say “Yes…we will need to remove trees in order to add this coaster and no matter how many trees we add back we know there will be certain members of the enthusiast community who will be vocal about the removal of trees.”

In response to this vocal group of our community we plan to introduce a farm to table concept that will see us introduce a petting farm with pigs and chickens that will eventually make it into our restaurant as the main attraction. We also plan to introduce an artisan bacon bar as part of this investment. The new location will be called Charlotte and Fern’s Place and manages by R.J. Templeton.

Construction will begin immediately but delays are expected as the park tries to squeeze out every possible good weather day before the cold of Winter takes over the region and no one wants to be outside. We will provide construction updates as it progresses.

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