Congratulations, You are a remote worker!

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In one of the first posts on this site, I stated that I wasn’t sure the direction of the site or the identity of the site.  I have another site ( that has a fair amount of content but that content has all been focused on the education realm.  As such I have kept personal posts to a minimum on that site and have finally figured out the direction on which this site will focus.  The last three years saw me switch my working environment from the traditional office to a full-time remote position.  The challenge in working remotely is taking the skills you have developed for in office and translating those skills to a remote culture.  There is a crossover of the skills certainly but new skills are needed and a revision of existing skills.  This site will focus on what I have learned as a remote worker over the last three years from the standpoint of the remote worker.

The list below are the topics that will be covered as we explore remote working and what does that look like in 2018.

  1. Background
  2. Routine
  3. Software/Hardware
  4. Changes in Personality
  5. Office Setup
  6. Co-Working
  7. Work/Life Balance
  8. The End of the Day
  9. In Office vs Out of Office
  10. Travel
  11. Challenges

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